Clock shift

Daylight Savings Time is over, cutting into my late-day trail time. All I ask is just enough daylight to enjoy a leaf-covered trail without twisting my ankle.

So far, so good. I’m sharing Horse Hill with lots of neighbors who are trying to fit some outdoor time between work and dinner, including a fair number of mountain bikers. The preserve is large enough that I don’t feel at all crowded, even when the parking lot’s full.


Parking lot: full. Trail: all clear. Horse Hill Nature Preserve, New Hampshire.


My favorite tree along the way. It’s survived some rough weather in recent years.


It’s been a dry autumn. I barely needed the bridge to cross this little stream.

2 thoughts on “Clock shift

  1. so crazy that it’s dark by 5:30! It takes a little getting used to that’s for sure. Beautiful trail shots!

    • Thanks! Of course I could hike at 6 a.m., but I’m not that ambitious. I’ll keep telling myself that the solstice is just over a month away, and then the days get longer.

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