Horse Hill in Merrimack is in business

I bought snowshoes a couple of years ago, and nature thereafter provided two consecutive winters of scarce snow in southern NH. Finally, this year, I actually need snowshoes for my local hikes. I keep this in mind when I get tired of shoveling my driveway.

I’m happy that I can finally go to Horse Hill Nature Preserve in Merrimack and spend several hours wandering around on marked trails without having to maneuver around junked cars and piles of spent shells (from years of target practice on the land). I owe thanks to a lot of volunteers. The whole area’s cleaned up, and the trails are marked much more clearly than they were last year. The parking lot off of Amherst Road has been plowed out every time I’ve been by there this season, which means the town is actually making an effort to keep the preserve accessible. I can spend an afternoon there without retracing my steps, if I so choose. It’s taken years to get this preserve into this condition.