Everett Dam

There’s usually a fine view of Mount Kearsarge from the Everett Dam by Clough State Park in Weare. Not on this cold and foggy day, though. I walked across the dam toward the trail on the other side and felt like I was disappearing into a cloud.

There’s a extensive trail system nearby for ATVs and hikers, but there were no machines in sight or sound today. Clough State Park is closed for the season, so there was no summertime laughter to be heard from the beach. I walked in pleasing silence and solitude.



The Piscataquog River downstream of the dam. It’s been a dry year.



4 thoughts on “Everett Dam

  1. Beautiful photos. That looks like a great place to go hiking. Still green and a little foggy too.

    We spent black friday hiking in Great River Bluffs State Park in Nodine, Minnesota. It’s squarely in the Richard Doorer Hardwood forest, and the leaves have long since fallen, but that didn’t stop us from having a good time. Haven’t finished the blog post yet, but I have one from a little while back you might enjoy.

    Great blog, I’ll be following along!

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