Gregg Trail: Wheelchair-Friendly, & Good Views for All

The Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center in Greenfield built two trails on its property in 2010 that are designed to be accessible for all, including people whose mobility is limited. One of the trails is a short loop around a wetland. I was there today for the longer trail: the Gregg Trail, 0.9 mile long, leading to a knoll with a view towards Mt. Monadnock. Other trails, rougher and more traditional, continue from there to the summits of Crotched Mountain.

Gregg Trail is wide, with an average 5% grade. Bring the whole family and take your time along the way. There are blueberry bushes all over the place, which of course did me no good today but should be perfect in July. Along the way, look east to the twin Uncanoonuc Mountains in Goffstown and the whaleback-shaped Joe English Hill in New Boston. As you approach the knoll, you’ll see North Pack Monadnock and Pack Monadnock to the south. Finally, as Monadnock comes into view, you’ll see all kinds of hills that will make you wonder what’s what – and fortunately, there’s an illustration nearby that names each peak.

No dogs allowed except for service animals. Sorry, Fido.

Head north out of Greenville center on route 31 and look for the blue Crotched Mountain sign at an intersection. Turn right and follow the road uphill about a mile and a half to the rehab facility, and you’ll see the trailhead on your left. There are picnic tables and a porta-john along with a map kiosk at the trailhead.

Summit of Crotched Mountain, from Gregg Trail
View of Mt. Monadnock from end of Gregg Trail