Little things

I love vistas from mountaintops. Sweeping views can take my breath away. They’ll always have their place for me. Even so, I take time to look down as I walk. What’s along the trailside? What’s in bloom this month? What’s that little kid ahead of me exclaiming over, pulling mom or dad aside to see? Little things.

What’s growing

Local history

What’s current

When I parked at Gerrish Depot in Boscawen and walked south along the Northern Rail Trail, I knew I was near a veterans’ cemetery. What I didn’t know is that there was a spur from the trail directly to the cemetery, with a sign that offered an detour to trail users wishing to pay respects. Other trails use signage to inform users about expansion plans, inviting donations to maintain or extend a trail. Sometimes a trailhead kiosk will feature a flyer that tells me about a local festival or program.

Destination hikes – heading to a waterfall, a view from a notch, or a fire tower, for example – are always interesting. I like big payoffs, especially if I’ve had to stagger my way uphill for a few miles. I’ve learned to love my undramatic walks, too. They’ve taught me to look out for the little things.

Union Leader on the Goffstown rail trail’s mysterious cemetery

I was surprised one day on the Goffstown rail trail to come across a little cemetery along the trail, behind the Hillsborough County government buildings. It was neatly kept, but clearly old, and the stones bore numbers instead of names. I wondered if it had been the county’s “potter’s field” at one point.

The New Hampshire Union Leader recently published an article that shed a little light on the situation. Thanks to reporter Jay Bouchard and trail walker Steve MacDonald, I now know a little more about this fascinating spot. Read “Town’s rail trail brings exposure to mysterious county cemetery.” 


Cemetery beside the Goffstown Rail Trail. Photo by Ellen Kolb.