Amoskeag Falls

Amoskeag Falls, Manchester, NH

Amoskeag Falls, Manchester, NH

New Hampshire’s Heritage Trail is actually a jumble of disconnected paths, many of them near the Merrimack River. I like Manchester’s segment through the Millyard along the Merrimack River. This overlook near the Amoskeag Dam is a fine spot for a brown-bag lunch. Sure, there are restaurants nearby, but for some days, only a view like this will do.

So how can I do a better job on my next visit of making my camera capture what my eye sees? I welcome your comments, as well as your reports of your own favorite Heritage Trail spots.

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Riverside lunch

View from the Bedford Heritage Trail

This wasn’t exactly a hike – more of a short walk to a picnic table for a quick lunch. The Bedford Heritage Trail doesn’t demand a lot of time, although you could go on a slow mile-long birdwatching walk if you were so inclined.

I took this photo from the picnic area overlooking the Merrimack River and the Moore’s Crossing railroad bridge. It’s only a two-minute walk from the trailhead on Moore’s Crossing Road, off of U.S. 3 (River Road) in Bedford, south of Target/Lowe’s. Check it out. You’ll wonder why on earth you’re parking in a sandy area with a railroad track running across it. Never mind. Your walk starts at the kiosk next to a trash can (not unsightly; thank you, Bedford public works). ¬†Ignore the broken-down tables at the trailhead. Cross a short footbridge, and after a little jog right-then-left, you’ll see the picnic area on the right.

Eagles have been known to nest in the islands you’ll see in the river. I saw a heron today, which is a common sight in southern New Hampshire but a treat nonetheless. The rail bridge is somehow not ugly from this vantage point, despite the graffiti. Perhaps all the trees around me softened the view.¬†The river is low today, reflecting the recent lack of rain.

I work near the trail, and today’s picnic sure beat having lunch at my desk. Employment is great, but my current job is making long hikes pretty much impossible for now. I’ll get out to good spots like this when I can, even for twenty minutes at a time.