Follow-up: Dana Meise reaches the Pacific, ends cross-Canada trek

When we last met the intrepid Dana Meise, he was taking a break from hiking to take in a hockey game. Today, nine days later, Dana’s epic hike across Canada came to an end. Congratulations and great respect to you, sir, from the Granite State Walker.

Just for fun: a cross-Canada hiker gets a treat in Vancouver

I’ve been following Dana Meise online via his tweets and Facebook posts as he hikes across Canada. He’s almost done! Arriving in Vancouver over the weekend, he posted a remark about how he’s a fan of the Vancouver Canucks of the National Hockey League. Someone at the team was paying attention. Presto: a hockey ticket for the thru-hiker.

May your own long-distance hikes include unexpected treats! Now if only I could figure out a way to finagle Bruins tickets  …