Trail Journal, Cohos Trail 2009

Click on each day’s link for the full post.

About the accommodations mentioned in the journal:  As of 2014, Sportsman’s Lodge is no longer in business. Rudy’s Cabins and Campground on Clarksville Pond still welcomes Cohos Trail hikers, although the charming camp I occupied has since been renovated and is now priced accordingly. Camping is available at Lake Francis, Deer Mountain, and Coleman State Parks. On the way to or from the Trail, travelers can still enjoy Robie’s Cabins on US 3 in Pittsburg village. The cabins, each with kitchenette, bathroom, and air conditioning, are conveniently located and reasonably priced.

Day 1: Getting to the Starting Line

Day 2: On Taming the Backpack

Day 3: Rain, Blisters and Bites

Day 4: A Much Better Day

Day 5: Trail Work and Road Trip

Day 6: Day Off

Day 7: East Inlet

Day 8: My First Old Home Day

Day 9: New Hampshire’s Northernmost Park

Day 10: Fourth Lake and a Glimpse of Quebec

Day 11: Celebrating an International Trail

Day 12: Last Day on the Road

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