Trail Journal, Cohos Trail 2009

Click on each day’s link for the full post.

About the accommodations mentioned in the journal:  As of 2022, Rudy’s Cabins and Campground on Clarksville Pond still welcomes Cohos Trail hikers, although the charming camp I occupied has since been renovated and is now priced accordingly. Camping is available at Lake Francis, Deer Mountain, and Coleman State Parks. Robie’s Cabins are under new ownership.

Day 1: Getting to the Starting Line

Day 2: On Taming the Backpack

Day 3: Rain, Blisters and Bites

Day 4: A Much Better Day

Day 5: Trail Work and Road Trip

Day 6: Day Off

Day 7: East Inlet

Day 8: My First Old Home Day

Day 9: New Hampshire’s Northernmost Park

Day 10: Fourth Lake and a Glimpse of Quebec

Day 11: Celebrating an International Trail

Day 12: Last Day on the Road

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