Join me: team up to support the Cohos Trail

Let me step away from my southern New Hampshire trails for a minute and draw your attention to my very favorite upstate place, the Cohos Trail. I’ve held forth at length about my long hike through the Connecticut Lakes portion of the CT up to the Canadian border, and slightly closer to home is the segment through the Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge that greets me like a friend whenever I visit.

The Cohos Trail Association – an all-volunteer group, I might add – has launched a crowdfunding effort to raise $7500 build more shelters along the 170-mile long path. The trail’s founder and leading light, Kim Nilsen, makes his pitch here to all who love the Granite State’s wild places.

Every little bit helps, and the Cohos Trail’s volunteers know how to stretch a dollar. You can learn more at the web site for the trail and at the Friends of the Cohos Trail Facebook page. 

And be sure to share the crowdfunding page! Thanks!