Hike safe card: yes, I’m in

New Hampshire Fish & Game is selling a Hike Safe card beginning on New Year’s Day, in an effort to boost the search-and-rescue fund. Given the amount of time I spend on trails, and with my boneheaded decisions from a day on Monadnock more than a year ago still fresh in my memory, I’m going to plunk down the $25. Hunters and boaters have helped fund Fish and Game’s rescue work for years by means of a surcharge on their annual licenses. It’s about time hikers like me got into the act.

Hikers with a Hike Safe card will not be responsible for repaying any rescue costs incurred due to the hiker’s negligence. Reckless or intentional behavior is not covered. In other words, Don’t Be Stupid.

FAQs about the program are answered on the Fish and Game web site. The card is available for online purchase only.