Enjoy a guided hike on a piece of the Wapack Trail

Barrett Mtn. from Windblown's lower trails

Barrett Mtn. from Windblown’s lower trails

view of Barrett from the south on the Wapack trail

view of Barrett from the south on the Wapack trail

The Wapack Trail travels through Windblown Cross-Country Ski Area in New Ipswich, New Hampshire, and continues over Barrett Mountain on its way to the southern terminus on Mt. Watatic. The 21-mile-long Wapack is one of southern New Hampshire’s gems, maintained but not too busy, within sight of Monadnock but without that summit’s sometimes-overwhelming crowds. I am eating my heart out that I can’t get to New Ipswich this Saturday for a guided walk through Windblown up Barrett.

Al Jenks, owner of Windblown, just emailed this invitation to Windblown’s customers and supporters:

Dear Friends,

This Saturday, June first, is National Trails Day and the ninetieth anniversary of the Wapack Trail.  I will be giving a talk on the life and times of Marion Davis who worked with her husband, Frank Robbins, to build the trail and run the Wapack Lodge.


Meet in the Windblown parking lot at 9 AM, walk to the lodge cellar hole, smell the lilacs, get to know our local black flies, and hear tall tales (most of them will be true).   Marion was a neighbor, a friend, and the person who sold me this gorgeous piece of property in 1963.


Then hike to the top of Barrett Mt. to learn about  the past, present, and the future life of Windblown Cross Country Ski Area.


Al Jenks

Please, someone, go enjoy this event for me! I was part of the large crew that helped Al tidy up Windblown after the ’08 ice storm. As we worked, Al told us about the history of the property and how he came to buy it as a teenager. It was wonderful to learn more about land to which we all felt attached enough to visit twice in a blackfly-filled May for a clean-up effort. The Jenks family has collectively been a wonderful steward of this property. The Wapack Trail wouldn’t exist without support of such landowners.

Windblown is on NH Rts. 123/124 in New Ipswich. For detailed directions, please go to the Windblown web site => General Info => Directions. As the web site says, “We highly recommend following our carefully planned detailed directions [from the web site] and highly discourage using Map Quest or Google Maps because they have sent drivers to many crazy out-of-the-way routes in the past.”

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3 thoughts on “Enjoy a guided hike on a piece of the Wapack Trail

  1. Yes, the Wapack Trail is wonderful. I hiked it in four sections with a friend. I remember carrying chili in thermoses because it was getting late in the hiking season. Thanks for sending out this information.

  2. Ellen, I am a 60s hiker, wishing for female company on hikes on occasion. If ever you want company, please let me know. I am very fit, have climbed all 48 peaks here in NH as well as many other hikes. But I love the leisurely way you describe your hikes, and it’s my style too. Anyway, I sometimes have time during the week, and also weekends. I still work, but have flexible hours. I love your blog, thank you for this. michelle

    • Michelle, I just visited New Boston (June 15) and found that the town’s conservation commission is planning to sponsor a hike up Joe English Hill on August 17 at 1 p.m. This spot has been off-limits to the general public for a long time since it’s on Air Force land. (I’m sure some of the locals ignore the no-trespassing signs.) Are you in the Hillsborough County area? This is a hike I want to join, and maybe we could meet there. Most of my hikes are spur-of-the-moment, but I’m going to put this one on my calandar – meaning chances are better than even that I’ll actually get to the event.

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