Mine Falls is ready for Spring

Quick note: I walked the entire cove loop at Mine Falls Park in Nashua today, starting at Whipple Street, and the route was nearly mud-free. Some tree litter from the past few months has been cleared.The swans are back, although in a different part of the cove. The lower trail along the east side of the cove appears to be clear, but I stayed on the parking lot behind the renovated mills. I’m still not comfortable on that newer, more isolated segment.

For the kayakers out there, the canal on the east side of the highway still has ice across the width of the canal in one 150-yard stretch. It’s otherwise navigable.

Gate City Striders weekly workouts begin at the park in two weeks, Wednesdays at 6 p.m. See their web site for details under “outdoor track.”  Looking forward to that, as always!???????????????????