Dry spring = dry trails

Nearly snowless winter & dry spring have left trails near Merrimack in good shape. It’s very dry & fire danger is high. Those same conditions have kept bugs away so far, although that can’t last for long.

A few of my recent walks:
Pawtuckaway from parking lot near main entrance: I got most of the way to the fire tower before a still-healing fractured toe made me turn back. Some mud, easily bypassed. Main road is still gated and is likely to remain so for at least a couple of more weeks. While the park is not yet staffed for the season, there’s now an iron ranger in the parking lot where you can pay $5 for admission. That’s a bargain for this huge park with so many features.

Rollins State Park: The auto road up Mt. Kearsarge is still gated, but pedestrians can enjoy the paved road that comes within a half mile of the summit. Some tree litter remains on the road, but there’s obviously been some early-season cleanup going on.

Horse Hill in Merrimack: I’m loving these few bug-free weeks on the trails here in Merrimack.

Mine Falls in Nashua: All trails clean & clear. The canal and river are at dramatically low levels.

Get out & enjoy everything. Keep your DEET handy, though. We’ll need it soon.