Good week to visit Horse Hill

A  flexible work schedule is nice while it lasts. Ninety minutes in Horse Hill Nature Preserve in Merrimack this morning made for a good start to the week. The preserve is a five-minute drive from my house, and I’d rather drive to the trailhead than walk there. That gives me more time on the trails and less on pavement.

Today had ideal late-fall conditions, with the temp around 30 degrees, light breeze, and a few flurries. Ground is pretty much frozen, though the streams are still flowing. Bridges are intact.  A golden retriever and her owner were the only other creatures I saw. The trailhead kiosk on Amherst Road reminded me that it’s still hunting season, so blaze orange was the fashion accessory of the day. I’m looking forward to coming back with snowshoes in the coming months.

As usual, the map box at the trailhead was empty. Go online (web site listed above) to download one before coming here.